Glimpses of Esoteric Christianity Part 1


There is something else to Truth and Reality besides what rudimentary personalities would need to seek after and consider. It frequently appears to be more agreeable to sit in obscurity where we don’t see anything than to confront the blinding light. Is the visual impairment similar in the two cases? The previous is ecstatic ignorance,Glimpses of Exclusive Christianity Section 1 Articles the last an underlying shock- – yet one that in the long run offers comfort to the spirit. The fearless individual looks for Truth regardless of how agonizing or stunning it could be. In this paper we don’t profess to address Truth, we basically give bearings to it. Since there are those that look for Truth, humanity might be ordered into two unmistakable gatherings:

1) “The Many,” the adherents, the individuals who are given and happy with the doctrines of their ideology and impervious to any lessons that goes against and disturbs their convictions and confidence, including the higher disclosures of the Paraclete, or the Essence of God.

2) “The Meager few,” the searchers, the individuals who are bored with silly beliefs and ideologies that don’t fulfill the mind nor the developing still, small voice of the internal identity, and who look for otherworldly information and experience to fill the vacant heart of profound longing. St. Martin, the fellow benefactor of Martinism, calls this subsequent gathering, “Men of Want.”

Understanding this division inside humanity since the spring of presence, the higher insights that directs the advancement of man founded religions with double areas that took care of the two sorts of men. It has been recognized by the profound gatekeepers, the “Minor Spirits” of Martinism that the majority of man are at this point too immature to even consider partaking in their own salvation and the unfoldment of their godliness. Just the couple of had the limit of doing as such. Religion, consequently, has its secrets, a recondite side to its inclination, laid out for the support and sustenance of those rare sorts of people who were¬†farine d’amande able to get the higher lessons that would invigorate the enlivening and unfoldment of their heavenly cognizance, their seed capability of Christhood, or Buddhahood, and lay out them solidly on the way of discipl

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